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  • Mezurashii’s write to be happy

    We had the pleasure of catching up with the multi talented artist and producer Mezurashii to find out what gratitude means to her.
  • Gratitude Project: InspirEngage International Scarborough Bootcamp

    In August last year we had the privilege of being invited to talk to young people at InspirEngage Bootcamps to share our journey of starting a social enterprise and talk about Gratitude.
  • Gratitude Project: Sri Lanka Orphange

    Our third Gratitude Project took us all the way to Sri Lanka where we visited an orphanage for children with blindness, deafness or learning impairments. Through the money raised from the sale of our Gratitude Pens and Gratitude Pads we were able to get food for all the children and staff, get locks to secure their computer rooms, buy new desks for the classes and have the whole orphanage painted.
  • Gratitude Project: India

    In October 2015 we were blessed with the opportunity to conduct our first ever Gratitude Project. The inspiring journey took us to India to visit two Orphanages in Guwahati. Here we taught over 100 children to practice gratitude to help enhance the way that they see the world.

  • Gratitude Project: Helping London's Homeless

    This Christmas Gratitude Lifestyle has collaborated with Hands on Hand out for our latest Gratitude Project, and given to the homeless at Euston, London. With winter here, it is extremely cold on the streets and so many people are living out on the streets with no warmth or shelter. With that in mind we made it our mission to give out sleeping bags and socks to go alongside the clothing, toiletries, hot food and drinks and haircuts donated from our good friends at ‘Hands on hand out.’