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Gratitude Project: India

In October 2015 we were blessed with the opportunity to conduct our first ever Gratitude Project.

The inspiring journey took us to India to visit two Orphanages in Guwahati. Here we taught over 100 children to practice gratitude to help enhance the way that they see the world.

Although extremely difficult to understand what they have been through, if there was one thing that would stay with them from our visit it would be the life affirming teachings of Gratitude.

Co-Founder Vik had this to say about the trip: “The journey to India was a life changing moment for me. It opened my eyes to the struggles that others have daily; these children experienced loss at the start of their lives that I could never imagine, yet they were open to welcoming Gratitude. Speaking with these brave young people was incredibly humbling and really showed me that I have so much in life to be Grateful for.”