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About Us

Our journey began in 2007 where the three of us; Vik, Sami and Moodee, first crossed paths whilst studying at Brunel University. Little did we know back then that one day we would be where we are now, sharing our journey and reaching as many people as possible to help them implement Gratitude into their lifestyles.

By applying Gratitude we live lives of happiness, contentment and abundance, which is why we are so passionate about spreading our knowledge. Thank you for allowing us to share this with you, yes you, and for being one of the reasons we started this journey; to add to the growing movement of positive human awareness. We are here to inspire, motivate and teach you that although life can be cruel or hard, each day provides you with infinite reasons to be grateful.

Everyone has a write to be happy, and we want to help shift your mindset in the right direction. You are the master of your circumstances. By seeing the world through the eyes of Gratitude, you will start seeing opportunities around you open up instead of difficulties holding you back.

We believe that life is a gift and everyone has the power to manifest a life full of abundance, and experience a world full of blessings.

We hope you embrace and enjoy your write to be happy.

Thank you.