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Gratitude Project: Helping London's Homeless

This Christmas Gratitude Lifestyle has collaborated with Hands on Hand out for our latest Gratitude Project, and given to the homeless at Euston, London. With winter here, it is extremely cold on the streets and so many people are living out on the streets with no warmth or shelter. With that in mind we made it our mission to give out sleeping bags and socks to go alongside the clothing, toiletries, hot food and drinks and haircuts donated from our good friends at ‘Hands on hand out.’

Most of the time people walk past straight past someone homeless in the street as if they don’t even exist, so it was particularly special to be able to spend time with these individuals and just talk to them. It was warming to see their smiles and the good time they were having. For us it was a Christmas Day with our new friends, one that we will never forget. This Christmas we urge everyone to spare a thought for those without a home and of course everyone who is less fortunate, as indeed we are all one.

If you want to find out more about Hands on Hand out and the great work they do please check them out here>>